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Project Origins

Miss Heritage Thailand was born from the concept outside the box of the founder, who aimed to create the stage for a conservative beauty pageant, both locally and nationally. The stage values the pageants who love their Thainess, and their abilities to act as a mediator to promote Thai arts, culture and tourism. They should have knowledge, abilities, wit, and beauty as in the qualities of 4S; Smart, Spirit, Service mind and Simplify. They must not be only a beauty queen, but must be ready to set a good example in serving the community, which can be extended to create opportunities to create jobs and money for the community and the locals.

Principles and Reasons

From the epidemic situation of the COVID-19 virus, as a result, the world’s tourism industry affects Thai economy. City lockdowns in different countries causing tourism to stop as well, creating a great damage to the country’s economy.

Using self-reliance measures during the COVID-19 economic crisis, by promoting domestic tourism, and having Thai people helping each other, will create a current of stimulation and improve the economic system in the community. This will help creating the development of a Creative Tourism, which is an extension of cultural tourism, by focusing on creating experiences and learning a way of life that has a unique identity in each province in Thailand. This will help attract more domestic tourists in the country. It can also create values that can be seen as the value of the beauty of Thai heritage in a sustainable way.

Operation Methods

Starting with finding the beauty queens who can serve the community and be a good role model for the new generation in social development. They must be a good person who can work together with private agencies and/or government organizations for the benefit of the public.

The selection method includes a single selection system for 40 beauties from 4 regions, either through their local stage or through a qualifying screening for those who pass the requirements of Miss Heritage Thailand pageant. Each of them will take the position by receiving a crown and a sash for representatives all 40 provinces. And one of them will be selected as the winner and will represents all the beauty queens with 2 titles; Miss Heritage Thailand and Miss International Thailand, who will represent Thai women in Miss International Beauty Pageant in Tokyo, Japan.


The influence of technology and transnational culture has resulted in Thai people having a changed culture of life, both substantial and abstract ways. The environment and the culture that represent the identity of Thai nation have entered the era of the new generation. There are values ​​that change over time. Though, the Thainess is not just in the past. The value of being Thai should be preserved, promoted and conserved as a sustainable Thai heritage for generations to come.


Objectives of the project “Miss Heritage Amazing Tour”;

1. To give the beauty queens the opportunity to spend time outside of their regular jobs, and have the opportunity to generate income.

2. To conserve and inherit the valuable heritage of Thailand.

3. To promote the project “Miss Heritage Amazing Tour” to attract the interest of the society.

4. To raise the level of responsibility beyond being a beauty queen, and being outstanding.

5. To be a role model beauty queen in doing good things for the public, with 4S qualities.

6. To act as an ambassador for both government agencies and private sectors.

7. To be a mediator to promote Thai OTOP products from local to the world’s markets.

8. To be a good role model for the new generation.

9. To develop themselves and enter the entertainment industry as reporters, models, MCs, singers, actresses, brand ambassadors, and businesswomen.